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How we started...

Rooted in a couple's love for baking and fueled by their cake decorating passion, Crumbs Cake Art emerged. It all began in the cozy confines of their small kitchen, where they embarked on a journey of baking and artistic confectionery. Guided by their four daughters, who now spearhead the marketing efforts, Crumbs Cake Art blossomed from a home-based endeavor into a thriving medium-sized enterprise. Today, their skilled team of bakers and cake artists crafts exquisite, affordable cakes that cater to both individuals and corporate clients, embodying quality and elegance."

Let your cake stand out...

Every occasion narrates a tale, whether it's the christening of a long-awaited child, a family member's birthday celebration, or the wedding of a deeply enamored couple. Countless events hold their own stories to share. What remains consistent is the universal desire for a uniquely remarkable cake. At Crumbs Cake Art Philippines, we guarantee that your cake will be a standout feature at your event. Meticulously handcrafted, our cakes are a fusion of artistry and taste. With a commitment to excellence, Crumbs Cake Art creates freshly baked confections that are as delectable as they are visually stunning. Within our establishment, a wide array of pastry delights awaits, all tailored to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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